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  • 09-12
    Aluminum Foam and Generator Room

    We know that the sound of the generator is very large when it is running. If we expose to a strong noise source for a long time, we may have symptoms such as tinnitus and hearing loss. If the exposure to noise is not long, then these symptoms will return to normal soon, and this physiological phenom Read More »

  • 09-07
    Aluminum Foam Application in Campus

    A quiet environment in campus is important for students. However, as students' extracurricular life becomes rich and colorful, they often hold various competitions in concert halls, gymnasiums and other campus indoor places. Consequently, a lot of noise will be made and always affect other students Read More »

  • 08-22
    Application of Aluminum Foam in Tunnels

    You may have had the experience of driving or taking a train through a tunnel. When you are in the tunnel, you will find that the noise in the tunnel is very large, so is the subway.The reason for why there is high noise in the tunnel is that it is a closed space, when the sound propagates through t Read More »

  • 08-16
    Questions Answered About Aluminum Foam

    There are many our friends or clients asked us questions about aluminum foam, which reflects that people pay more attention to this kind of new material. Now we sort out some representative questions to share with you. Q1: What advantages that aluminum foam has?Aluminum foam obviously has many advan Read More »

  • 08-14
    How to Save Money With Aluminum Foam

    Aluminum foam is a new material that has only recently become popular. It has many advantages and it can be used with many applications in our production and life. Does aluminum foam can save money? And how? The following examples will give you some tips. First of all, if you are an expert in the co Read More »

  • 08-10
    How to Turn Aluminum Foam into Successful?

    If you have ever participated in some aluminum industry exhibitions, you might have seen this product which looks like a foam but it has metal color, you might be introduced by them and know its name – aluminum foam. You must be curious that this foam-like thing is very hard to touch by hand, it see Read More »

  • 08-02
    How to Make Your aluminum foam Look Like a Million Bucks

    You might know more or less about aluminum foam when reading this article. Maybe you are an aluminum foam processor, a material wholesaler, or a retailer, you must find more business opportunities from this new material to make your business more successful, then let us use magic to let us convert a Read More »

  • 07-27
    Aluminum Foam: Samurai Way

    Samurai way, or the Bushido spirit, is the ethics and philosophy of the samurai class in Japanese feudal society. Like the knighthood that emerged in the Middle Ages in Europe, the foundation of samurai way is eight virtues, there are: righteousness, courage, benevolence, courtesy, honesty, reputati Read More »




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