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ALUMKING is a leading supplier in the aluminum coil and
sheet distribution industry.
With international service center we service all areas of the world, such as the U.S.,Spain, Japan, Bangladesh, Russia etc. We specialize in mill finish, painted aluminum sheet,coil and foil products. Moreover ALUMKING supply aluminum foam, aluminum furniture as its aimed at providing better green home solutions for global customers and residents. Being in business for over 40 years has allowed us to establish and maintain close working relationships with our customers and suppliers. These initiatives combined make it possible for us to meet our customers’ requirements and adapt to market developments, and by doing so we always guarantee the best possible service.
Rich experience of aluminium products exporting
Innovating service to provide integrated solutions

Flexible payment options
A strong capability to integrate resources
Our History
Aluminum King Company has focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations since we began in 1979. As an international team covering the Belt and Road region, we provide trading services to clients in over 30 countries, including the US, Australia, Brazil etc 

 We mainly work with colour coating factories and their suppliers in various business segments. We are traditionally based in Yangzhou, Jiangsu at our 40-year-old manufacturing site. Also in 2006, we have expanded our manufacturing, trade and engineering departments into our new factory “Shanxi Changhong Aluminum Company” at Weinan City. Today, we are producing at both sites based on 333,000 sqm.

Our founder, Li Changhong, has an extensive experience on aluminum industries since his earliest days as a fresh worker from state-owned enterprises . As an open minded and innovative individual,  he has established his first own company ‘’Jiangsu Changhong Aluminum Industry” in order to meet customer need of agility and quality with better terms.
Later in 2007, Micheal Li has joined the company, and he owned the total business management of company with support of his father. Micheal has a Engineer degree from HIT University, and worked at a famous aluminum manufacturers in France. Today, Micheal is creating a new venture of Aluminum King Company.
Product and Services:
Aluminum King Company has three main pillars for continuous growth of business:
-          Our core business function as we always have been a trustworthy partner in manufacturing. We produce at two location at China to better server our customer needs. We are always keen to outgrow our way of doing business with innovation and newest technology integration into traditional manufacturing. Our main products are aluminum coils, aluminum sheets, aluminum foil and aluminum foam as well as various construction manufacturers – both in China and other countries.
-          We offer Research and Development cooperation to our customers and position ourselves a business partner rather than a supplier. We are always focused on new and better approaches into manufacturing with our team.
-          We offer the tailor made coils and foam per request of our partners.

-          Along with more than a decade of experience at global market leading tech companies, Aluminum King Company offers Business Management, Change Management, Performance Management and tailor made consultancy roles. We have proven success in consultancy with Retail, Distribution and Business Development companies.

As we outgrow our business network, we are happy to support our customers’ needs in sourcing in fewer or higher quantities mainly related with our core business. Also we are focusing on commercialization of new energy products on aluminum Industry.



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