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Aluminum Foam and Generator Room
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Aluminum Foam and Generator Room

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We know that the sound of the generator is very large when it is running. If we expose to a strong noise source for a long time, we may have symptoms such as tinnitus and hearing loss. If the exposure to noise is not long, then these symptoms will return to normal soon, and this physiological phenomenon is called auditory adaptation. If the exposure to noise takes a long time, the hearing will drop significantly. When leaving the noise environment, it takes a long time to recover. This physiological phenomenon is called auditory fatigue. This temporary hearing loss may develop into noise deafness. If you continue to be exposed to strong noise, auditory fatigue cannot be restored, and hearing continues to decline, finally it will result in noise-induced hearing loss, which will eventually lead to pathological changes. Therefore, the generator must be treated with anti-nose solutions.


There are many kinds of noises are produced when the generator is operating, such as exhaust noise, mechanical noise, combustion noise, fan noise, etc. Sometimes we equip a generator room to protect the equipment, as well as control the noise. The traditional method is to install an acoustic blanket on the outer wall of the generator room. Its material is polyvinyl chloride and iron powder, which has a certain effect on sound insulation, but the effect is not good. Now we have a new choice – the aluminum foam. Foam aluminum has many excellent properties such as sound absorption, sound insulation, energy absorption, shock absorption and electromagnetic shielding. If we use aluminum foam sandwich panels to make equipment cabinets for generators, motors, inverters and other electrical cabinets that generate noise and electromagnetic wave equipment, then the noise can be reduced by at least 20 decibels, and the electromagnetic waves can be shielded by more than 90 decibels.


The above information is about using aluminum foam material for noise isolation application. We believe that based on the excellent performance of aluminum foam, they will be applied to more fields.

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