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Aluminum Foam Application in Campus
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Aluminum Foam Application in Campus

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A quiet environment in campus is important for students. However, as students' extracurricular life becomes rich and colorful, they often hold various competitions in concert halls, gymnasiums and other campus indoor places. Consequently, a lot of noise will be made and always affect other students who want to study or relax, which is very unfavorable to their physical and mental development.

Well, if there is a material can be used as building material for functional decoration, such as the walls that isolate the noise etc., then there is no doubt that students will be satisfied with their college life. Among many materials, we think aluminum foam is undoubtedly a very good solution.

Aluminum foam is a new material has been used in recent years. It has good acoustical properties, such as: (1) Sound insulation performance (closed hole): when the sound frequency is between 800 and 4000HZ, the sound insulation coefficient of Aluminum foam with closed hole is above 0.9; (2) Sound absorption (through and through holes): when the frequency of sound wave is between 125-4000hz, the maximum sound absorption coefficient of through porous aluminum foam can reach 0.8. The average sound absorption coefficient of the double frequency range is more than 0.4. If we make use of these excellent capabilities of aluminum foam to build indoor places such as concert hall, musical instrument room, gymnasium, library, study lounge and so on, the noise can be reduced by at least 20 decibels, which will create a good learning atmosphere for students.

We provided some solutions and suggestions to some campuses, they seem very interested in this. With the constant observation of life and the unique advantages of this material, we believe that the practical application of the aluminum foam will be applied in more and more fields. ALUMKING will also to make great contributions to aluminum foam’s development and to help people solve more problems. 

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