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  • Aluminum Foam For Vibration Isolation In A Steel Structure Hotel

    Have you ever experienced that living in a hotel where is located near or at an airport? We all know that the airport is somewhere that making big noise, and the noise is continual. But with the new innovative materials technology is developing, today we can solve this problem from the angle of usin Read More

  • Aluminium foam to create a new generation of lightweight construction ships

    A ship can take much more payload and wouldn’t cause extra traffic on the roads. The use of a new material could even make ships greener
    Read More

  • When Honeycomb Structure Meets the Aluminum Alloy

    e all know that honeycomb construction is very smart in nature, it is not only very effective and practical, but also can save material. A honeycomb consists of innumerable holes of the same size, each of which is a regular hexagonal shape, each of which is surrounded by other bores, and with wax wa Read More

  • Decorate Your House With Aluminum Checker Coil Floor

    Decorate Your Van with Aluminum Checker Coil Floor Well, let’s say, if you have a van or a truck that loading goods for your business, you probably decorate your vehicles for making it both better looking and better performing. As we know both steel and rubber got disadvantages, steel is easy to be Read More

  • Use Aluminum Sheet for Making Roof Is Becoming Popular In Bangladesh

    Aluminum sheet is one of the most commonly used product in roof of the building. It is also known as corrugated aluminum plate or pressed aluminum plate. For its reasonable cost, lightweight and durability currently it is becoming more popular and has tendency to replace stainless steel and iron pla Read More

  • Aluminum foam application in the car

    Aluminum foam is a kind of new metal material that is developing very fast in our modern lives. This metal material is made from pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, by using the additive agents through the foaming method, and the manufacturing process is quite complex, but it has a huge space of develo Read More

  • Big Time for Aluminum? The New Energy Vehicles Era is Coming!

    Traditional energy automobiles have been invented more than 100 years, and have already been an important part of our lives. Over the past century, automobiles have got humongous changes in terms of their shapes, designs, inside-technologies, or processes, but one thing has remained constant was the Read More

  • A Basic Introduction to Aluminum Furniture

    A Basic Introduction to Aluminum FurnitureNot as popular as aluminum doors and frames, just lately aluminum furniture successfully catch people’s attention. The following points would help clear your mind:1. Environment friendlyThere is absolutely no methyl aldehyde among aluminum furniture. The m Read More

  • Aluminum furniture you ever meet!

    Aluminum furniture you ever meet!Furniture is made of wood in most people ‘s concept, but today ALUMINUM KING COMPANY is going to show you the aluminum furniture.Aluminum furniture means the furniture is made of aluminum alloy which has the following advantages: ①Aluminum furniture is strong enough Read More




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